I feel more creative than ever...

With over twelve years in the creative industry, I feel more inspired than ever before. My professional career started as a wedding photographer, then a portrait photographer and now I am fusing my love for all art, creating and dreaming big by expanding my talent into art for your home and design.

"We are not born to be perfect but to be real and evolve while living OUR best lives."

“I graduated high school and was accepted to the Art Institute of Philadelphia for interior design. Life had other plans and I earned a Bachelor Degree in Photography from New Jersey City University.”

In 2007, I opened Ava Martinez Photography; a boutique photography studio that has been capturing portraits for teens and families for over twelve years. What started off as an idea, big dreams and a ton of passion, developed into a thriving full time business.

My company went from an at home operating studio to my retail photography studio where I sharpened my skills, became confident as a business owner and gained many client relationships.

"I've always dreamt of more."

After taking time off to focus on home and mom life, my daughter sparked my creativity and encouraged me to find my confidence again to create art. There are so many aspects to my business, it certainly isn't just one niche. I'm an artist at heart and love creating many things. I'm thrilled Ava Martinez Photography, Design & Lifestyle is here. Let's create something beautiful together.

“While I specialize in photography, I'm a multi passionate entrepreneur and believe all types of art defines who I am.”

I am always evolving...

I am forever changing, growing and learning not only in my professional life but in my personal life. Things always have a way of leading you in the right path.
As a young girl, I was always rearranging. Furniture was moved, a wall was painted or some kind of home project was started. The same passion exists today in my current home. I love changing spaces and with some paint and organization, a space can feel brand new.