Didn't I retire last year?

You're probably just as confused as I was. I did put that out there. 2019 was a year that really took a toll on us as a family because of Amelia's medical issues. We were fortunate to pull through and see the light at the end of the tunnel. The emotional stress really put me in a place where I couldn't focus on anything and I wanted to live a more simple life and dedicate all my time to home life.

2020 came and the year started off quiet, then we were faced with yet another bump in the road in February. We came together as a family, prayed and took things day by day. Then Covid happened in March and we all shut down; literally. Frank and I were home for the entire Spring and Summer with the kids. This was a blessing in disguise and we really made that home life I was praying for from 2019 a reality. After a few months though, I felt very isolated and began to rethink the whole retirement thing. I missed seeing my clients; I missed Communion season and Mother's Day season.

I began to pick up my camera and set out to do "The Pay it Forward Project". It was a way for me to see all my clients and to give back to small businesses that have been suffering so much. These sessions were free and families had the opportunity to give back to any small business they wanted. What an amazing experience. This project refueled and recharged me. It made me realize, photography is my third child and my passion had not changed for serving families and providing something that I have built from ground up. My heart is full and I feel more creative than ever.

Here are some images from The Pay it Forward project, thank you to these families that recharged me, I am forever grateful to you and your loyalty to me.