First, Pick a location.

This means a place that's special to you or somewhere you've seen in a magazine. I love having an editorial presence even during Christmas shoots. I've basically been everywhere; NYC, the beach, the lake, a park, your home, a castle, you name it, I've been there.


Whether downtown, uptown, the Brooklyn Bridge...New York is one of my favorite places to shoot and editorial style session.

The Lake or your backyard

It doesn't have to elaborate or it can. From any lake, any beach to your backyard, I always infuse my signature style of shooting into any location.

A local Park

Let's keep things simple and timeless. You don't need a lot of props. Adding a pop of red or holiday will bring any shoot at the park so cozy.



Have you ever heard of Keep It Simple Stupid? I love that phrase. Ok, so this is not such a simple prop. A plane, C'mon. While I was brainstorming ideas, I told my client I always wanted to have a shoot on a plane and luckily she has a friend who owns their own plane. Okay, you don't have a friend like that, let's chat. I know lots of people with vintage cars and trucks or a horse stable. Send me your ideas and I always make it happen.

Let's go shopping

I'm alway pinning looks or searching my favorite designers to get inspiration. Ralph Lauren always knocks it out of the park with their Holiday editorials and especially now, Amazon fashion has so many great and inexpensive looks you can piece together to get that designer look. From J. Crew to Burberry or your local clothing shop (support small businesses), go ahead and look online and in your magazines to get your inspiration for this years Christmas shoot. Let's bring joy back into our homes.