Hello friends,

It has been so long since I've communicated with you. First and foremost, I hope you are all safe, healthy and well. We are in such a strange time without answers, heightened emotions, and the unknown. All of these are so uncertain and uncomfortable. Writing here seems strange as well.

We are okay because we are healthy and together. We are taking each day, each hour and each minute for what it is. Like you, we can not leave our homes to see our friends and family that we miss so much BUT we are adjusting to the new way of communicating. We're connecting through the power of the internet and although we can't physically hug and kiss our loved ones, seeing them on a screen is something we are very blessed to experience.

This time at home is very different from when I choose to stay home. These are scary times, uncertain times and with the unknown, all we can do is take things one day at a time.

Everyone's situation is different and this pandemic has a different meaning to everyone. Some are using it as a reset, some are using it deeper. There is a lot of anger, confusion, anxiety and stress but I know in my heart...this too shall pass. I don't know when or how long it will take, but I am hopeful we all will resume to what life was or we will adjust to our new lives.

I am sending you all virtual hugs and kisses and I will see you in the Fall or whenever New Jersey reopens.